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Why even get a 6.5mm when you can go with a 6mm and still shoot to 1k? I have seen a 15 year old girl clean up at Quantico F-Class with a 243.
I love these descussions about ancient fire arms (anything developed 30 years or longer ago). The ONLY reason the 6.5 is still in existance is it will fit in an AR frame. I am sorry the last time I looked at the rack of rifles at Cabela's and Gander Mtn. I don't remenber seeing any 6.5s there. Why because they don't sell and are not as popular as the 243 or 270. And if you want to cry in your beer about barrel life, buy a 243 it's barrel life is MUCH shorter than the 6.5. But a Savage 243 can change out the barrel in about 10 min with a go/no-go gauge and that 15 year old girl can do it herself.

As to the 308 (I'll catch hell about this) it is a nice footnote in history and has outlived it's usefulness. I love my 30-06 but don't shoot it any more maybe once a year for about 10 rounds to check my zero. If I am hunting I use my 35 remington or 270 winchester depending on terrain. Like I said we love to reminisce over ancient history and hold on to our favorite calibers. Do they still work, yes! But at a cost. Me, I am holding off till the Wizardelectric 2200 comes out in the year 2200 that shoots a bolt of plasma at just under the speed of light. Till then a 243 at 4,000 fps will have to do.

Have fun finding 6.5 ammo.
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