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If you want to shoot without hearing protection that is your choice. Every range that I have been to in the military has required hearing protection. While in a war zone, I always had foamies in once we left the wire. I just turned the radio up a little bit more.
I do suffer from noise induced hearing loss and want to preserve what I have left for as long as I can. Pistol practice will always wear double hearing protection. Rifle, single protection when hunting and sighting in. Most practice comes from the 22 so single is fine.
Now, with that being said, you train like you fight, therefore, most shooters train wearing the foamies versus the skull crunchers. Reasoning is the skull crunchers will affect cheek weld and sight picture.
For those of you who do not wear hearing protection, the constant ringing in the ears is annoying (even more so when you go to bed), it never stops and it cannot be reversed.
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