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Some of the replies here made me downright nauseous.

Anybody that wouldn't have their pistol in their hand in that situation until they had extricated themselves from it deserves what they get.

An aggressive individual approaching my vehicle for any reason is always considered a threat until proven otherwise.
He got what he deserved-a safe and uneventful trip home.

It's hard to drive your van out of the ATM line with your pistol in your hand, isn't it?

Just out of curiosity: how many times have you had to draw your gun because someone was approaching your vehicle in an aggressive manner? Ever driven in a big city where the bums try to wash your windshield for spare change? Are you seriously advocating drawing down on them?

I hope you never have to shoot anyone, but if you do you need to pray the prosecutor doesn't find out your FiringLine screen name and print out a ream of posts like this one. I can hear it now: "Ladies and gentlemen of the Grand Jury, this man sees the entire world as a threat and was predisposed to use his gun against anyone he perceived as threatening."

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