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Thanks! I feel pretty decent about the groups considering I've probably fired less than 500 rounds of anything my entire life, and less than 200 through this gun. I have no trainign from anyone and I practice like once a month and, as you stated, they are good enough to hit a deer in the vitals, which meets my purpose.
You should have seen the guy who came to the range with me. At 100 yards he missed the target 40% of the time, made several shots into the outer rings and managed two shots on the bullseye. Weird . He was so excited, I didn't have the heart to explain to him that his utter lack of repeatability would make it hard for him to count on a shot like that. Most of his shots were at least 8 inches from the center. Oh well, hopefully when it's a deer in his sights he'll make one of the good shots.
Thanks for all the advice everyone!
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