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Why even get a 6.5mm when you can go with a 6mm and still shoot to 1k? I have seen a 15 year old girl clean up at Quantico F-Class with a 243. A lot of guys are looking into cartridges like the 6xc (Tubbs as well). Guys on the US F-Class team and Palma team would love to shoot 6mm br for matches. The 6br, 6dasher, and 6XC shooting Tubbs DTAC 115gr bullets will hang with the 6.5 and 308 rifles out to 1k. Shooting a 115gr 6mm bullet is going to produce less recoil that any 6.5 or 308.

While the 308 is a good 1k performer it is far from the best. I personally know guys who use 22 cal and 20 cal rifles to shoot 1k + on Prairie Dogs.

The 6.5 creedmore was designed for one thing. It does that one thing very well and can do plenty more as well.
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