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I just looked up the law for Louisiana, and I'm surprised to find that Louisiana requires notice. Without posting a bunch of legalese, the link can be found here: LINKY

However, I've been a cop in Louisiana for thirty years and I've only been notified, maybe a half-dozen times that someone is carrying. I've never felt a need to disarm someone who was legally carrying. I can go so far as to state for the record that I have never had a problem with someone who was carrying legally.

I work in a fairly rural area, and Louisiana is a very gun-friendly state, and I just assume that every car I stop has a gun in it somewhere. That's not a problem and in Louisiana, carrying a gun in your car is a constitutionally protected activity.

As a matter of fact, Louisiana goes so far as to say, in another statute: The provisions of this Section shall not apply to: Any constitutionally protected activity which cannot be regulated by the state, such as a firearm contained entirely within a motor vehicle. Ya gotta love a state with verbiage like that.
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