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This is going in a similar direction to the one I had on another forum. An officer makes a statement about what he'll do if everyone doesn't meet his expectations of total submission.
I'm not in TX and have no plans of ever going there BUT I don't like to be bullied or threatened by some ego stroker with a badge. I'll be polite and provide the required info but I won't suck your tutu. If the purported infraction warrants a citation, so be it. If your enforcement of the law is based on whether or not the driver is giving out ego blow, that's wrong. A uniform and a gun does not intimidate me. I've faced a lot of uniformed guys with guns bigger than yours and they wanted to kill me from the get go.
I say again. My being armed has nothing to do with whatever the TRAFFIC enforcement issue is and there is no reason for me to provide more information than what is required to determine that I am licensed to drive, have proof of insurance, and the vehicle is legally owned and licensed.
I don't see the need to tell the cop where I'm going, why I'm going there, where I've been, or what I had for lunch. It's just a fishing expedition, they're not making friendly conversation.
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