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Hi Guys I just got back here.
To answer the question from Tahoe, that Mauser is now a 270 Weatherby Magnum. I lapped the bolt back to make a 3 lug action out of it by bringing the "safety lug" to bear, and then re-heat treated the bolt and the receiver to max strength. The barrel was a Shilen.
The receiver was re-cut to feed the belted mag cases as slick as water through a funnel
I installed a 2 position side swinging safety. I welded on a new bolt handle to make it look good. The whole mess was then finished to 400 grit and rust blued. I engraved the floor plate too.
The stock is Bastogne Walnut with a steel cap and ebony tip. I used Redfield scope mounts and rings
It was made for a good friend of mine about 7 years ago. I will keep 3 shots touching at 100 yds with 150 grain Nosler Partitions.
All in all it’s a great Wyoming hunting rifle
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