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I dunno.I'd hate to see someone mess with a 1903 Springfield,or,if a person had the makings to recreate a milsurp Springfield,it seems right to do so.
Pristine or rare mausers,lets not bother them.

But as far as an investment in the people who would build a education,an appreciation,I'd say lets stop the snob thing with the Bubba.

Yeah,I can buy a Savington or a Weatherchester.Would make more sense.Yup.Don't want one.I build what I want.

I bought one chopped 98 for $25 that was pitted bad below the wood.Thats the only one I have pulled a barrel from.The rest I bought as bare actions,sometimes just receivers.Nobody was going to find and buy every screw,swivel,etc to restore them.

And,there is not a thing wrong with an old school poorboy utility rifle.Cut and slim the stock,and mount decent sights.I think the old NRA gunsmithing guide has a how-to.For me,that makes more sense than having 16 show and tell mausers hoarded in a safe for show and tell,that never get shot.

And those utility rifles get passed on to the younger gen.

I'd guess Wyosmith got some education building his first Mauser sporter.

Few hoarders can thread a barrel or cut a chamber.Where do we get guys like Wyosmith?I'll give up a few learning pieces to grow some more smiths.

I'll say it again,were it not for the Bubbas and the Wyosmiths,there would not be any Milsurps.The industry/commerce/money ...Douglas,Brownell's,Fajen,etc,without Bubba,all your precious Historical Specimens would have been chop sawed,torch cut,sheared,crushed and melted to make stuff painted orange at Harbor Freight.

And,without those with a Bubba do it yourself mindset,I doubt we would have a reloading industry,the scopes and mounts we have,etc.

No,maybe all we would have is what Remington decided we needed.

Here is to Bubba!!,here is to those the likes of Wyosmith!!We owe a whole lot of the wonderful firearms industry resources we have to them!!

On a positive suggestion for the crufflers,Notice what the cowboy shooters have done for single action wheel guns,leeever guns,and cranky old shotguns?Instead of looking at milsurps as a collector commodity ,like stamps..
Start an activity movement.The Alvin York league or something.Get folks shooting them!!!

That will make an original trim WW1 battle rifle something necessary to play a great game.
Do you have any idea how many basket case,cigar box Win 97's were resurrected from the dead bt Cowboy shooters?Then Norinco started making them??And spaghetti 6-guns,Sharps,92's,73's?????

What did Jeremiah Johnson do for Hawkens,Rendesvous,etc???

Those rifles are dying,moldering away in a dark safe...just so you can say you possess them.
Where is my hacksaw?I got cut fever coming on!!!

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