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38 & 45 ACP load issue

I'm having issues with my usual loads in both 38 and 45. In 38, my loads drop right into the cylinder chambers, but the cylinder locks up on me and won't rotate when closed. The 1911's I have won't go into battery. I'm using standard published target loads which have worked just fine in my guns in the past and all guns work fine with factory ammo. I have a 45 ACP sizing die and my loads will drop flush into that... I haven't changed anything on the loader; just switch out die assemblies when changing calibers. I use a Dillion Squaredeal B I've used for a decade without any problems. I've cleaned the resizing dies repeatedly, checked all the chambers for leading or lube fouling, gone thru the brass countless times, and even calibrated my calipers with a sizing block. I'm using quality brass and components and I'm real anal about weights and measures (it's the aircraft mechanic in me).

Anyone have any ideas?
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