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I don't think you're allowed to shoot a guy for yelling at you (or walking up to your car window) in any state in the nation...and that's all the guy did.
You did read, right, that the OP not only didn't shoot, but he never even displayed his weapon? He merely placed the firearm where he could reach it easily if he needed it.

it was the OP who took a step to [deescalate the situation] - and it's a good thing he did because the other person did not seem to have enough self control to do so.

So you folks who are ready to crucify the OP, what would you have done differently? Have you never made an error behind the wheel or anywhere else? Do you think a large angry person approaching your car is no cause for concern? If so, how does this jive with the situational awareness that is preached on TFL so often? Would you have left your sidearm where it was, make it available but hidden as the OP did, or brandish it? Would you apologize and take a proper place in line, as the OP did, or leave the scene entirely, or tell off the other guy and jump the line deliberately? Are there other choices I haven't thought of? In a realistic list of possible actions, I can't see how the OP screwed up after he realized that he accidentally butted in a line.

The other guy was rude and hostile in a situation that he could have handled differently and much better. If you are going to act like that, you should hope that you get a response like that of the OP - after all, in the face of an aggressively rude person, he apologized and rectified his mistake. The only other thing OP did was go about his business armed for his own defense. Are we opposed to that?
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