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Someday, do the window peek with a mask. and a weapon.

I did that once. I was working on the house, wearing a full respirator, a ball cap and glasses. I had a cloth pulled over my face. And, I had a drywall hammer.

I didn't know the face through the peephole, and opened the door in a gas mask, dark goggles, bandana, and a butcher's apron full of nails and tool belt.

"hello, I'm representing the **** candidate, and I'd like to hear about your concerns."

"sure, why don't you come in? I'll fix coffee and cookies."

He wouldn't come in.
that's funny TX pitbull post had me rolling too + MLeake's

If I don't recognize the vehicle or the person, than I am at least somewhat suspicious. I have ignored them before, but then I wanted to tell them not to come back and/or once I missed an important call. The non-chalant no trespassing signs have worked wonders. In the state where I grew up in, people didn't just show up asking for their services to be accepted. Like my mom-in-law said the first time, "I don't do 'drive-bys'. I'll take her word for it.
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