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true there are many cheap rifles (inexpensive) available and in the hottest new calibers. I happen to like the old ones like the 8x57mm and 7x57mm. they get the job done, without all the fire & brimstone (hoopla). As far as metalurgy, it truly is better today as you stated, not to mention machining technology and techniques, but I enjoy the low recoil, low report, lower pressures and effective ballistics, these rounds are just as good today as they ever have been, and deer, elk, and antelope don't no the difference. Oh yeah the 30-06 is also one of those great old cartridges, I had one in a synthetic lightweight Rem 700 that just pummeled me to death so I sold it to a buddy, he loves it. Wyosmith, that is one awesome VZ !! what caliber? certainly worth a ton in my opinion !! the term "bubbafication" has always sounded like a hack job to me. I would call Wyosmith's "VZ" a truly "custom rifle", tastefully done and very attractive to look at, as well as a joy to shoot (i'll bet).

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