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Database to keep track of reloads

I've been reloading for almost 10 years, and I'm losing track of what loads work and what don't. I usually write everything on a label and stick it on the box, but after the label is replaced all I have is my memory to go on. It doesn't help that I have a dozen different primers and 20 or so powders and I like to tinker. I'm trying to consolidate a little as I use things up, but that's not working very well.

So I tho't maybe I ought to keep track of my load data in a Google Docs or Excel spreadsheet. Does anybody else do this? Do you track individual lots by date? There's an awful lot of columns you can have on a spreadsheet; what to put in all of them? Seems like too much data is better than not enough; you can always hide columns or leave fields blank.

Any good templates?
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