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Once again, excusing threatening behavior, and the wildly inappropriate actions on the part of an angry individual, with absolutely no insight whatsoever where it needed to be. In the cab of that van, where the only information was that a possible assailant had appeared for no explainable reason, and there was a concealed weapon carrier who did the right thing.

When they first installed roundabouts all over the area here and took out the 4 way stops, there was a lot of confusion. Funny thing, NOBODY took it into their heads to get out of their car and yell at other drivers because they were cut off.

This discusson is not about him accidentally line cutting and being rude. Not even relevant. It was a mistake, and it didn't merit this response. Get over it. This discussion is only about his response to a threatening situation. Whether or not to prepare for a possible attack.

Is this how you respond when someone screws up in traffic? is that why you believe that the confrontation was a simple matter of "he deserved it, because he was rude?"
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