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And, every day, people act rudely and thoughtlessly...particularly behind the wheel af a vehicle...never a thought of the other humans around them, always in a hurry because their errand is more important than anyone else's.
Cutting each other off in traffic, cutting in line at the ATM, so self absorbed it never even occurs to them that they are even doing anything wrong.
Then, some, when called on it, prepare to shoot somebody...
The OP put himself in a situation where he offended and wronged several people.
Thats a fail in my book.
Glad nobody got hurt.
This seems to be the OP's second "incident"...I have carried since before CCW existed as a gov endorsed licensed right...30yrs...I have yet to draw my piece. That does not mean there were not times I was glad to be armed.
The past is gone...the future may never happen.
Be Here Now.
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