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In defense of witnessing

Originally Posted by TX_QtPi
funny, I just had the J-witness come to the door, I have 4 pit-bulls that are cross trained for obedience and protection, so no worries getting the door with out my pistol in hand (though if it's after dark and there is an unexpected knock at the door I do keep it drawn when I answer).
But this J-witness guy had a can of pepper spray in his hand when I answered, so as he starts his speech and putting the pepper spray away to hand me his pamphlet I interrupted and asked him what he intended to do with that (pepper spray)
he LAUGHED it off and said since he heard the dogs he got it out as a precaution. I told him, "I'm sorry but if I wanted my dogs to take you down they would have already."
My dogs are my kids and they are trained to protect me, and I'm thinking what nerve of this guy to think he would pepper spray a dog to hand out his pamphlets!
dood, you're uninvited, you're not making your living this way, and you're not delivering something I ordered so if ya hear the dogs, back away...cause either you'll find the wrong end of a hand gun in your face or you'll be dog chow... same goes for the would be criminals, disguised or not.
Dude! Jehovah's Witnesses may not be making a living, but it is their job. They are called by God to perform this job. At least they believe so, and I respect their right to do it. (Just as I expect Sarah Brady to respect my right to keep and bear arms.) It's the law. They have a right to invite you to converse with them (unless you have posted your property as a no proselytizing zone).

It also is their right to protect themselves against dogs that are strangers to them. Your erstwhile guests did not know that your dogs are well-trained. How much sense does it make for you to take exception to them carrying pepper spray when you would not wish for them to take exception to you carrying a gun with you when you go to their church (supposing that you decide to check it out)?

They weren't carrying spray to hand out pamphlets. They were carrying spray to protect themselves. To object to their right to protect themselves while going about their calling is a little too close to the anti-gunners' desire to disarm me while going about my daily activities.

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