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rebuilding milsurps

I know this is a touchy subject, but here goes. What is the big deal about breathing new life, into an old, worn out, non matching mauser that won't shoot safely. I've heard it is blasphemous to do so; but isn't it better to continue shooting them in an altered state rather than hang them on the wall and talk about what was ! I have 5 of them; Mausers that is. A Yugo M24/47 in 8mm that was sporterized (by me) due to an extensively cracked and rotted stock, a German 98k(8mm) in military dress that shoots pretty good with a very dark bore, a Yugo M48a (8mm) in military dress (shoots good also). And 2 Spanish mausers in 7x57mm. one is a carbine that was sporterized (all original except for the stock) before I bought it; for my 14 year old son, and a long rifle that is currently being restored to original military spec pending a barrel test by a competent gunsmith (pitted real bad inside). If not good, I will sporterize it (mannlicher style) as I need a light weight mountain rifle.
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