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Range Report

Took the Mauser out to the range today, sited in at 50 yards.

First pic is at 50 yards. E was my sight in target. F was my first couple shots not on the bench. The I shot at, in order, D, H, E, and B. I kept switching circles so it didn't get too easy on me, The holes in A and C are from the nails, not shots.

Second Pic. is at 100 yards. Shots labeled "1" are the first five rounds. The bottom two shots were fired so I could see the difference between where my scope was aimed and where it hit. The others were taken with that adjustment considered. Shots labeled "2" are from the second five rounds, the fifth bullet was fired at a clay target on the top left corner of the backstop, it was not a miss.

In addition to this, I fired off about 40 rounds at bottles, cans, and clays. I seem to be less anxious when aiming at an object, and i think i do better, i consistently hit objects smaller than the groups im shooting. I hit 35 out of 40 of the bottles/clays/cans. Of the five misses on trash, three were fired at a used shotgun shell. I didn't hit the shell. The two other misses were fired at a paper cup that may have simply been too light to knock over. However, overall, I was very happy with the results of todays range trip. The ammo fired was Prvi Partizan, and I was very happy with it! Made cleaning the rifle MUCH easier than after shooting that surplus crap. This is a great rifle and I thank you all for your help and information. I feel as though I am ready to hit a deer. Now the only question is how to make the time to get out in the woods!
Thanks everyone.
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