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I prefer the Sierra manual and have been using different editions of it for over 30 years. For my AR ( DPMS Prairie Panther) I like 26 gr. of Varget with a 55 gr. Sierra BK bullet. Lethal on coyotes out to 400+ yards. The 223 is a very easy cartidge to reload and I crank them out on a Dillon 550B.

if shooting an auto, COAL case length is critical so stay within recommemnded lengths. In addition FLS all cases and check die set up with a case guage such as Wilson. Check length of fired cases and trim, deburr and chamfer if necessary. Have used Forster trimmers for years and work well. One of most important and frequently used tools while I am reloading is my calipers. If you can afford it, buy a Starrett dial caliber since it is both accurate and durable.
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