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When their losses are high enough, they will leave for good

An owl statue will get them after it so place one in an area that is open, crows will attack it then you do what you do best after you hit a few they will leave and never return.
I have used owl decoys before and run a line from the base of the mount, to each ear. Then I atttach a small sharp trebble hook to the end of each line, just above each ear. When a crow comes in and gets snagged up, all "heck" brakes loose and the rest of the crows think that one of their buddies is in a real fight. There have been times when I cannot shoot fast enough. After a time, they may fly away and you think they are gone. I then give a distressed call and back they come for more. .....

Whether hunting alone or with buddies, crow shooting is great fun. ....

Be Safe !!!
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