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Amd6547. In response to your comment. "He could be within his legal rights tp shoot me" if you were carrying wouild you seriously consider walking up to some one who may have made a mistake in traffic shout at them and then stare them down in an intimidating fashion for a significant amount of time. Your post must be a put on. Also I made a mistake in a confusing line situation and apologized in a polite fashion. Why can't some of you understand that? Also everyone doesn't read the part where AFTER I apoloogize nicely and say I am going to correct issue by going to back of line this "nut" starrs at me wildley and pi--ed off looking for a time after. I was thinking he wasn't going to accept kindness and apology and was maybe going to attack me. OVER A MISTAKE he somewhat caused by how he positioned his car. A point I didn't even mention in the verbal apoology!
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