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The TX statutes are posted online. I provided links and quotes from the statutes to support my statements, you can do the same if you believe my comments are incorrect or that my assessment is inaccurate or incomplete.

What's more, if you can demonstrate that there is still a penalty for failing to inform, I'll be happy to admit I'm wrong. Because I actually do believe that citizens and police officers need to help each other.

Here's some more information on the topic from the Texas Department of Public Safety website.
64. I have a friend that had his license suspended for ninety (90) days for failing to display his license when a peace officer asked him for identification. What happens if the officer does not ask for the CHL, am I still required to display my handgun license to the officer if I am carrying a handgun? Will my license be suspended?

Yes. Pursuant to GC 411.205(a), you must still display your concealed handgun license if you are carrying a concealed handgun when asked for identification by a peace officer or magistrate. However, as of September 1, 2009 there is no longer a ninety (90) day suspension for failure to display your license.
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