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read the whole thread and only once over a couple days

You are entitled to handle these situations the way you see fit. The same goes for someone who wants a weapon to open his door @ home and an infinite amount of other reasons. I personally feel it was unnecessary the way you handled it. You pretty much figured you had made a mistake and cut when you saw this man exiting his vehicle before he even appraoched you. This man had a reason to approach you, so the surprise factor is taken out. Another man(probabaly a starnger, maybe an acquaintance) smiled and/or smirked when the 1st driver looked at him as he left. This situation doesn't seem dangerous in the least bit. Again, I have no problem with the way you handled it. I do personally feel it was unnecessary though. I have also noted that the posters that are on the OP's side to include the OP are Adament that they are right without much flexibility. There is nothign wrong with people having varying opinions on this subject

I also am not going to be nice and kind to everyone and his brother just because I am carrying. This paragraph isn't directed to the OP. I just feel taht if the guy is being anal and overly aggressive I might say something to him. I really don't give a rat's behind if he or anyone else has a problem with it. No, I wouldn't escalate the situation or be confrontational. That doesn't mean I have to be lovey-dovey and nice to this guy because I have a firearm. If I am in a situation that is a threat than I would do my best to make 'peace' if you want to call it that. If I was in a situation that was a threat I would drive away and/or grab my firearm. You'd be surprised how quick something could happen before you do drive away. This situation didn't warrant driving away in my opinion, but I know what the man would've thought if you did that: coincidence or scumbag.
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