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Farmer, it's the what-ifs that make it so hard.

You know, the stupid coyote should be asking himself "what if" all the time. Like, what if that bright light at the end of his acme instant tunnel is a train?

Stressfire and other combat training are all about getting you working on the what ifs before the really hard questions arise.

I never want to be in that situation. I haven't made a good decision since I was 10, it seems. I just know that if I ever use lethal force, that dark figure in the alley who just fired a gun at me will be just a teenage kid who has a toy gun and a firecracker.

If I don't fire, While I stand there wondering "what if it's just a kid with a cap gun," the genuinely evil escaped death row inmate will kill me and take my car.

There are times that I wonder if I'd not be much better off not carrying a gun. At least if I'm shot to death in a robbery, I won't wind up going to hell because I killed the mayor's teenage daughter accidentally instead of hitting the guy who was raping her.

I'm going to bed. Thinking this much makes my head hurt.
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