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Bait the crows

Then shoot them with a high power air rifle. Place chunks of meat on the ground where you can get a good clear shot at the birds. Then hang out where they can't see you, read a book and wait. If the bird lands near the bait, nail the thing.

When I was a kid growing up on a diary farm, the crows and magpies would eat grain from the feed bunks. In the summer, I would get my work done, then take my BB gun, hide in the shed and when the birds came in shoot them. Worked great on mag pies. Crows, not good at all.

Shooting them on the ground should eliminate the chance of hitting something you don't want to hit. An air rifle should be quiet enough to keep from landing in jail or getting fined.

Have you talked to your neighbors? Maybe they would be glad to have these things killed.
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