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The 223 is a very easy cartridge to load.

First: Full size completely for that AR.

Second: I suggest anything from a 55gr to 69gr bullet to start (assuming 1-9 twist)

Third: Go with IMR4895 powder for now. It's the do-all Chevrolet of propellants.

Fourth: Use CCI small rifle primers -- NOT Federal as they are too soft for the AR.

Fifth: Pick a powder charge about halfway (or lower) from min-to-max for whichever bullet you choose.

Sixth: Seat to the recommended OAL in the Speer book for that bullet.

Back the seating die off contact with the case mouth a half turn before locking down (i.e., no crimp).

Eighth: Adjust the seating stem to the specified OAL after that.

Ninth: Relax and read the Speer manual in the bathroom as necessary. It's one of the 3 best manuals.

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