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Whenever I've had to take my wife or daughter to the emergency room (they call it "urgent care" now) for some minor emergency when the clinic is closed, the nurses at the check-in desk glare at me the whole time. I'm not imagining it
Man I had to take my wife in after she wrecked her dirt bike, the clutch lever tore off her finger. So I tell the nurse "thats what happens when you wag yer finger in my face" cops came.... had to explain I was joking, the wife told them what really happened... now she coulda went along and I would have gone to jail.

This situation is a tragedy but statistcally it usually is the man thet shoots the wife.

I really dont know how I would react if my wife was coming at me with a gun, now if I was messing around with another gal I would expect to get shot. Bottom line, stay true to the one you married until the divorce is final.
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