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I agree 100% probably a no win. Had he shot and killed his soon to be ex wife, yes he would be alive but would probably of had his life torn apart by accusations and investigations that it was some sort of setup or scheme to kill her. ESPECIALLY being the man in this situation, it is 100% no win .

I watched my parents go through a messy ugly divorce and I must say, as a man if your ex wife SLIPS on a banana peel you had better have proof you never owned a banana and a good alibi.

Personally, I would rather be alive and left to rebuild my life after I was acquitted or live my days out in a prison wrongfully convicted than dead but that’s just me.

and it would have been a justified shooting IF SHE WAS ARMED.
It would have, but you try to convince a judge and jury that your psycho ex wife came over armed and you had no other choice. While the procecutor talks about how you were a vicious violent evil husband who cheated on his wife, then hatched an elaborate scheme to kill her.

I have witnessed "the system" many times first hand and the system is designed to assume the woman is the victim and the man is the villain. A perfect example, once upon a time my mother slipped and fell in the kitchen. She busted her head open pretty good on the stone counter tops we had so we had to call 911. The police arrived on scene first, cuffed my father, refused to hear a word he had to say. They kept trying to get my mother to say he had pushed her or hit her, that it was ok to tell the truth etc. All the while not asking me (I was aboout 8) or my father a single question. Thankfully she was fine and after arriving at the hospital told the police my father had NOTHING to do with it.

Another thing, the story does not go into detail as to why the judge denied the request for a restraining order. I might get flamed for this but IMO had this been the other way around, a wife killed by her psycho ex husband and a system that "failed" to protect her this would be national news for days or weeks.

The real lesson here is the only protection from a life standpoint remains to be armed.

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