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Some of these comments are just bizzarr. The " man did not just "come up and tell me" I thought I made that clear! He emarched up shoulders shrugged, fist closed with blood shot eyes and an obvious fury and shouted at me. Then stared me down for a significant length of time in order to appear intimidating! Helllo!! Hence the ccapitalized words! You tell me I shouldn't have a ccw because I showed restraint and de esculated the situation with a non- confrontational attitude? What the '. I hope some you don't either wind up in a self defense scenirio it would be ashame to see a clp holder beat and shot with his own gun! And the use of the word man with quotations is because yes anyone who acts like that in public is less of a man. They have no class or patience.what if he acted like that towards a 30 year old house wife with a toddler in the car. This guy uses confrontation and intimadation towars the public when he gets "mad". Like charlie brown good grief
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