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I could see where it would happen. Restraining order or not. Ex wife shows up, very upset etc. Suddenly she had a gun her hand, as has been stated many times on this forum trying to draw against someone who already has their weapon in their had is a losing game. Since it was his ex-wife he obviously knows her and believes he can talk her down and no shots fired. For whatever reason she decides to begin shooting, he takes a bullet or two then she turns her weapon on the girlfriend and husband draws and shoots. For someone to be able to even hit their attacker with one shot not center of mass after taking 2 bullets to the chest is a feat in itself. Perhaps he even realized that she was going to shoot and went for his weapon and being she already had hers ready she got off the first shot or two, before taking a non fatal wound to the arm. We may never know the full story. A very bad situation that became even worse. I am sorry for your loss.
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