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Yes, of course a piece of paper isn't going to protect you, and this woman was obviously disturbed. But when a judge denies the request and writes in her order "no personal danger or threat involved", it's hard to know the outcome of a self defense shooting if you shoot first. Especially since he said his wife "didn't have any firearms that he knew of" when requesting the court order.

Just speculation on my part but both firearms may in fact had been Mr. Gable's. His wife seemed to have no fear entering and going through his apartment.

Call me naive but if it was me, I'd have second thoughts shooting first and having to go though the legal system claiming self defense if both gun were mine. In this case, seconds count if I was, in fact, carrying in my home.

A few more facts:

and a time line of events:

It seems obvious Mr. Gable wanted to avoid a confrontation with his wife. Very sad and very senseless.

I think this situation points to another means of defense... Seriously, remove the relationship properly before starting a new one. Just like avoiding "bad" parts of town at night, some things just up your risks.
Somehow I don't think this would have matter in this case since filing for divorce a few days before seemed to put the wife over the top.
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