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It seems as if everyone here has forgotten that there are road rage killings and random attacks by insane people all the time. I remember a while back, an old guy honked at a bunch of punks that were hanging around in a street that he had to drive down, who wouldn't let him through. This mob of people dragged him out of his car, and beat, kicked, stomped him to death right out in the street, in front of god and everyone, because he had the audacity to ask them to get out of his way.

Is it likely that a 350 pound scary looking guy who gets furious about a line cutter will drag you out of your car and inflict serious injury on you? No, it isn't likely to happen.

Does it happen? Lord yes, it happens. It happens at stores, and even school cafeterias. What is smart about assuming that everything will be fine?

If I had a brain fart and committed a social offense like this, and godzilla got out of his vehicle yelling at me, I would be preparing for the worst. screwing up in traffic is not justification for aassault, and I'm not going to risk being beaten, stabbed, or even shot because some unbalanced baloney loaf wanted to make an example out of me.

This guy was out of line. cutting in line is no big deal. If driver #2 did this because he saw some skinny little white guy in the driver's seat, it was racist and a violation of the skinny little white guy's civil rights.

Part of me is wishing that today he does that same stunt to a car full of bangers who get out and cut him up a little to teach him some manners.

You guys seem to be focusing only on the failures on driver #1, and entirely blowing off what he did right.

You are totally ignoring the fact that driver # 2 began the confrontation, and appeared to be ready and willing to escalate it to physical violence.

There is no room for racism in a concealed carry situation, but profiling isn't racist, no matter how much the profiled races scream about it.

For those who question the legal grounds, I would like to say that you are way off base. Driver #2's behavior verges on assault. Assault charges DO NOT allow for provocation as justifying it. If he had opened the door and even placed a finger on driver #1's flesh, that would be battery. At that time, with a yelling 350 pound behemoth grabbing a person by the shirt, any non-prejudiced jury would have to acquit.
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