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Big Shrek:
"The only reason the FBI had to downgrade the 10mm to the .40 Short & Wimpy is because of WEAKLINGS!!
If liberals hadn't made 'em take wimps & weaklings into gov't service, they'd still be using 10mm.
Hello! Its Law Enforcement! If you gotta hire someone to carry a gun & whooparse, get the strongest humans you can find!!
Mr. 5'9 with a 125# max benchpress ain't gonna cut it!! Go get Ms. Amazon 6'3 who can benchpress half a VW bug!"

I agree with the rest of your post. But I gotta chime in to say that I would really, really prefer if FBI agents were the best possible investigators, and not just the biggest guy who applies. .40 S&W will do the job just fine if it comes to shooting. Though I still struggle to understand why more law enforcement agencies don't use .45 ACP.
Also, I am 5'8 and I benchpress 325 lbs. Am I still too short for the FBI? Or does my relative strength make up for it? I handle a .357 mag recoil well, so I guess 10MM would probably not be so bad either... Short does not entail wimpy. In fact, one of the toughest guys I know is my height and weighs about 125. He isn't "strong" in the same sense as me, but he's got an iron will and I'm sure that he would be able to take anything that came his way.

I agree with your general point though. It really amazes me how comfortable some people can be with being fat lazy slobs. It's disgusting really. In fact, in a job which demands you use your body it's downright irresponsible. At my college there is a cop who looks like he weighs about 350 Lbs and I can't help but wonder how he plans to catch some 20 year old punk who stole someone's textbook... Or even draw his weapon fast enough to respond to a situation which dictated it. Folks like that make me mad. Hit the gym! Do your job...!

As to the OP's original point, personally Physical fitness is one of my top priorities in life in general. I'm never going to eat great... but I burn it all off running my *** off and lifting weights. I Usually lift & run 3 times a week. Every other week I spend an hour on the punching bag, and about once a month I go shooting. I would really like to shoot more, but time constraints make it impossible.
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