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I like to go to Brady's website every so often.

I can't stay there too long, I get too agitated, but I did click around to try to find something about Fast and Furious.

They're pretty freaked out about that House reciprocity bill, but there's nothing about F&F.

I guess it's not surprising, but if they were really concerned about gun violence you'd think it would be in big bold letters on their site.

In a way they are symbolic of whatever brain trust dreamed F&F up in the first place. What is the ideology they are supposedly adhering to? Trying to reduce gun violence in this country by reducing the amount of guns and severly restricting their use? SOooo, they flood the country with guns, giving them to criminals no less, getting a border patrol agent killed, escalating violence on the border to insane levels and endangering numerous law enforcement officers.

Didn't they create exactly what they supposedly are working to prevent?

Just political hacks.

Whenever the ends justify the means - it's a very slippery slope into immorality.
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