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thank you pax for the clean up. After the altercation (I am on a desktop now). I went around the building and to the back of the line. After this man did his banking now in front of me, The line of cars proceded closer to the atm in a more logical and less confusing fashion. This "man" had positioned his vehicle and thus the cars behind it in a confusing fashion originally thus causing my error. If it were an 80 year old woman who approached me screaming "hey a-hole" I still would have went to the back of the line. Had this man just approached like a human being and said in less threating demeaner, I still would have went to back of line no cause for alarm. It was his approach and demeaner that caused alarm. Should someone get beat to a pulp for a mistake? when some one is in error and you wish to approach them in a civil manner, fine but with today's popularity of civillian clp licenses, believing it is a good idea to approach a stranger in anger and threatening demeanor, well that day is just over. Back to the topic, when the man was staring me down and even approaching I was not thinking who was right or wrong in regards to an argument over the line jump. I was going to go back to line any how. What I did was get myself into a good defensive position and I drew a line in my head of when I would be justified in using my weapon. That line was if he would have opened the door. Then that would be clearly an aggressive action and would be justified. He walked away at the end instead. which I thank god for.

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