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Had a near incident today

First let me say that since I have acquired my conceal carry license here in michigan 7 years ago I have had 2 sitiuations in which I felt I were near or at risk if you will of having to use my weapon in defense. I am a peaceful christian man who generaly leads a secure uneventful life even though I am near but not generally in detroit. The first situation I had posted once before posted about previously.

This second situation just happened today happened in a generally peace ful sub north of detroit. I carry a gun, generally some sort of revolver with me daily and every where it is legal to do so. This is mostly because I love guns ever since I was young. I love shooting various small arms and have been doing so since I was a child. It is only natural to me to carry a gun for self defense and I am comfortable doing that.

Now, today I was done with work and was driving my "cargo" van towards home this afternoon. I realized that I needed to stop at the bank atm to get some spending money out. I was not in my home area but came up to a branch of my bank in this area.

When I pulled towards the drive thru bankink/atm area I noticed a line of cars however they were kind of off to the side. There were 2 atm machines and they were occupied. Now at my old bank cars would pull off to the side to do banking sometimes before entering the lanes. The first vehicle was a gold mini van and it was quite a distance from any of the open lanes and the atms. I made the decision but I realize now in error to pass by this line of cars and get behind 2 vehicles, one at the atm and one behind waiting.

Still not sure and I was a bit confuse I happened to look out my side view mirror and saw the occupant of the "gold mini van" exit out. Holy , this guy was a muscular 350 poundish looking african american man who could easily pass for a lions quater back! He passed the first atm then towards my van. I knew what he was going to say but not ow he would say it.

My revolver was in its holster and clipped to the open counsel near me. As he was walking or more like marching angrily towards me I grabbed my revolver in my right had and dropped the holster to the floor of my van. I dropped the holster because I did NOT want him to know I had a gun. I kept the revolver in my right hand and my hand down side of my seat by the seat belt lacth device out of view.

This large and intimidating man came up to my window and he looked mad like he was already having a very bad day. He said very angrily " DON'T YOU KNOW THIS IS THE ATM LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I had the window up but forgot to lock the door! I replied back thru closed window and with hidden revolver in right hand. NO, but thank you, ill go around.

After I said that he proceeded to stare me down with firey look in his eyes for like 30 seconds, probably waiting for an excuse to pull my door open and snap me like a twig.I am male 165 pounds soak and wet that moment he stared at me I though t he may actually pull open the door.

My one and only biggest fear in this momentwas not an inevitable and severe beating but rather the fact I may have to shoot this moron for real! He was tall and had a large head so he would have, had he pullede the door opemean down allowing me clear shots rigth into his head!

After he stared me down in anger he walked back to his van and was even stopped by the guy in the other atm wglho was smirking probably something like" you freaked that guy out" but little do they know.

Do to my calm non confrontational attitude I believe I prevented a possible incident. I have learened a lot today. No room for attitudes or pride when packing but be ready to act if required.


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