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Originally Posted by JBriggs
Just wanted to point out something interesting that is happening.

Corporations and trusts that are applying for supressors are having the Form 4 returned with instructions that it now must now only be held for "research and dvelopment" purposes. Evidently, the traditional purposes are no longer valid reasons for possession under new internal review regs within the BATF.

So, my question is thus: if submitted with the "research and development" as the purpose, as now required, is the BATF going to require proof of research and dvelopment? I have posed such question to BATF but have not received an intelligent response thereto.

Do any of you guys know anything about this issue?
This is a state issue. Some states only allow ownership of silencers for "scientific research." In those states, your "purpose" needs to reflect that.

For instance, here in Ohio, "All Legal Purposes" does just FINE.
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