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There's nothing sleeper about it... It is what it is... Buying anything from walmart you can't go too wrong, if it doesnt work then you return it. I'm a big advocate with going with cheap scopes from walmart when your just starting out and not sure if your gonna stick with the sport...

But as I said there is nothing sleeper about it, it just does whats minimally needed for a scope to do. As long as you can see through it and it holds zero, then its good enough to shoot at regular distances. Which is 90% of the battle. If you want the other 10% thats when you really gotta start paying. Technological advances has made that minimum very easy to achieve for manufacturers.

I started with one of these from walmart on my 22. Everything seemed great but at the end of the day I figured out it wouldn't hold zero. Which is completely fine because I can go exchange it easily and chances are I'll get one that would hold zero. I ended up just returning it and getting a $150 'tactical' BSA from midway. It holds zero and has nice big turrets, the glass is sharp up to 50 yards and past that its fuzzy but I can still see what I'm aiming at so it works. Compared to the walmart one, I felt like it was AWESOME. Long story short, its currently on my 22 and still works. My next scope was a $500 vortex viper. It's much more clear than the BSA, has nicer turrets, a nice reticle, and many nice features. It made the BSA look like I was looking through a milk jug.
Now, I just replaced that vortex with a $1000 Dollar FFP vortex PST. It's super clear at distances(I shoot up to a mile occasionally), it has many more nice features than even the last viper, the turrets and reticle match, the reticle is very nice, its FFP and compared to all the other ones its MUCH more rugged and feels like it can be run over by a car. Overall, It does everything better than the last viper(even though the last viper was very nice as well).

No matter how many features or how nice the $1000 scope vs the $50 dollar one is, it aint gonna make the shot for me. So even though Im a big believer in the cheap optics having their place as long as they work, I wouldn't downgrade my new PST for anything. The $50 dollar scope will get me there but so will using irons. When you start having the need to find and hold onto a small target at 1760 yards, cranking the turrets back and forth for hours, ranging targets, doing holdovers and other things where clearer optics will help and more rugged design will prevent the turrets from failing. Thats when its just as nice going to the higher quality optics from a low quality one, just like its nice going from shooting irons to a scope. Let me tell you, there are people that shoot irons to 1000+ yards and will out shoot most of us, so its deinitly not a NEED to have any scope for that matter..

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