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I live in apartment right outside DC, our neighborhood is not the safest place (you wouldn't know from the rent) and we have had quite a few bump in the night situations. Our apartment is pretty small, between the bedroom and the front door is about 10 feet. I keep a mossberg at my bedside and two revolvers on and in my night stand, one with a crimson trace grip. When I hear something that warrants investigation, I'll usually sit up in bed and pick up my 637 ct loaded with gold dot short barrels and just wait and listen.

After a min of waiting and listening, I'll set down the 637 and pick up the mossberg and surefire. My wife will wait in the bedroom with her P239 loaded with Gold dot 124gr standard pressure jhp.

The funny thing is, every time I jump up in the middle of the night, my wifes cat will follow me out into the rest of the apartment. If I just get up for a drink or to use the bathroom, she stays put. However, when I jump up and grab a pistol, she jumps up and creeps right along with me. Good ol' lucy always has my back...

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