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I've had a couple CP 2-7x's. Initial impression was that they were heavy and ugly. That never changed and never will. The first one I had wouldn't hold zero to save it's life, tried it on 2 guns. A .30-30 first but thought maybe the bad shooting was just the gun so next I put it on a 10/22 that's shooting qualities were known. No better, just a bad scope. Back to Walmart for #2. Still ugly and heavy but this one held point of aim and it's adjustments were consistent from click to click. Glass was OK but had a small FOV and you could actually see A LOT of the bell end thru the scope when shooting. More than likely this was because of the lit crosshairs but I've never noticed as obviously on any other scope.

Overall for $70 or so you can't complain. I'd say it felt more solid than a Simmons 8 Point (which I think is one of the worst scopes ever made) but not as good as the BSA's and other Simmons scopes I've owned.

While it may be cheaper online (haven't checked myself) there is no way you could talk me into buying one online. Their main advantage is they are sold a Walmart so if you get a bad one it's a cheap(gas money) and very easy exchange.

Basically, spend another $30 and you'll be happier.

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