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Here is a good review.

I had one after reading so much good about it, and although I let it go with a gun, I would purchase another one if I needed something to put it on.

The one I had tracked nearly perfectly and was repeatable which really surprised me. It also seemed pretty durable although I never was really that hard on it. It never lost zero for me though. Plus you get a lot of features for the money. In these departments, I felt it was great for the money.

What I felt it was severely lacking in was glass quality. I've heard people saying it was as good as the glass in the Bushnell Elite 3200, Nikons, etc, and all I can say is that anyone that says that has never actually owned any of the others mentioned. Honestly, the glass on the Simmons 8 Points and similar I've used has been a fair bit better. I found on lower powers like 4-10 it wasn't too bad, and was decent. It would work for nearly any hunting situation you got into, but it was lacking in low light. Past 10, the image quality started going downhill as the power went up. By the time you got to 14-16x it got to where unless you eye was perfect behind it, it looked really washed out looking. Almost like someone had thrown a smoke grenade in front of you. It was useable in broad daylight, but wasn't great and wouldn't be in any kind of low light situation.

That said, that was the only downside I saw to it, and like I said, the glass on the lower powers in most cases was fine, and I feel I could hunt to the end of legal hunting hours with it. It was really only the higher power range I thought was pretty bad, and even it was useable in daylight.

That said, I'd recommend it if the size isn't a problem (it's a pretty large scope) for your application and you don't need spectacular low light performance, and are on a budget it seems like a good option.

One other thing that worries me about it is the warranty. It has a lifetime warranty, but I think I remember reading that it requires the receipt and it seems like a lot of times these types of warranties are hard to get honored. I just wonder how it will be in 20 years.

If you are spending $150 like a poster above mentioned, and want a hunting scope I think you'd be much better off with a Burris FFII as you will be getting much much better glass, however if you need a tactical scope in that price range this does seem to be the way to go. Plus if you don't like it Walmart will take it back, so it's worth a try.
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