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I am working on improving my marksmanship using an AR with factory ammo and iron sights (small aperture). I did not do so well at a match that had targets at 200 yards but I do fine at 100.

What is a respectable group size for standing/kneeling/sitting/prone when the target is at 100 yards? at 200 yards?

What bad habits need to be eliminated to get good hits at 200 yards that don't get in the way of decent hits at 100. I'm familiar with the appleseed sticky circulating on the net. Last time at the range, I saw some improvement by using NPOA.

An unrelated question is in regards to barricades and cover. In classes I have taken, I've been instructed to not smother cover but instead be at arms length away and not to extend my muzzle beyond cover. This looks to go against what I am seeing people do with the vtac barricade. Folks put their muzzle in the holes cut into the barricade. When shooting from the barricade sides, their hand is against the barricade as a brace to support the rifle. Is there a contradiction or am I confusing two different concepts?
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