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My wife and I had just gotten to bed and asleep around 2300-2315. I wake up to our female German Shepherd snarling, barking, and banging against the rear sliding glass door. Our male GSD joins in immediately afterwards. If her extreme level of aggression wasn't enough to throw the red flag, then the male joining in was.

I immediately threw on a pair of shorts while telling my wife to stay put, grabbed my M&P40 from the nightstand, the LED flashlight next to it, and started to move towards the dogs.

The dogs continued to lunge at the door while I did a quick sweep of the downstairs towards the rear door. I turned on the rear lights and sent the dogs out for them to double check while I stood watch from the door. They immediately went after someone who was busy sprinting across the neighbors' yards far far away from the two angry GSDs and suddenly away homeowner.

I called the dogs bag, locked the door, and reported it in. After that I did a quick sweep of the house again and went to bed. I told my wife about the details later, and was promptly smacked upside the head for not telling her the dogs were actually alerting to someone and not spooking.

Lessons learned:
  • Trust my dogs
  • Get a tac light to attach to my gun
  • Have my cell phone ready as well
  • Keep one dog inside in case someone gets by me
  • Keep pants nearby since shorts don't have pockets
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