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We shoot at the distance of about 33 - 35 feet.

We've made some brand new plates. They're more of a paddle design that eliminates the need to weld the thin lollipop stalk to the plate at the top and to the rack attachment at the base.
Because the paddle is wider at the base, the rack attachment can now be bolted to the paddle rather than welded. That forms a squared tubular housing that a bolt can be slipped through to attach the plate to the rack so that it will pivot and fall down when hit.
And these plates are also made from a tougher steel for increased longevity.
The original plates would break intermittently at the welds and become warped after many thousands of hits. So this new paddle design should solve those problems without much of any difference in performance.
Here's a short video of some .22 rifle matches using the new paddle plates.
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