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First of all the 357 sig isn't a magic bullet. I've carried one for over ten years now and it's good, but not all it's made out to be. Lately I have been leaning toward it's not worth the muzzle report and recoil. Penetration for people and objects are different. Smaller diameter and lighter/faster make better barrier penetration. We tested the 125 gold dot against auto glass and it consistently went through and hit the target, (308 168 grain BTHP tended to break up.) That being said the County Dep's just shot a guy through the windshield and the round broke up and failed to penetrate his head, (took an eye out and stopped him.) So maybe all auto glass is different, I don't know. We also tested the Winchester Ranger against our vest and it went through, contrary to NIJ standards. The manufacturer didn't believe us and came down with a dummy and another vest and well they discovered it wouldn't stop it either. I've seen a shootout where a 45 acp failed to penetrate a vehicle and our 357 sig zipped right through. All and all, from my experience, I would say that the 357 sig does offer better penetration on barriers. I've also seen a shooting where our 357 Sig stayed inside the residence, it did not penetrate the exterior wall. You can put together sheet rock and wall studs all day at the range and just about any round will zip on through, but in my situation it didn't. I've shot road hit deer and wasn't impressed, but the game wardens have put down moose with the 357 sig with one shot. Go figure.
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