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See if you can find a black pinstripe suit
egor20, that would be perfect if we were doing an IDPA match and concealment was necessary. But in this case, the biggest stage is likely to require over 40 rounds. In this 10-rounds per mag country of Canada, that means a full belt with a spare on a magnet and the stripper in your pocket. It's really hard to think of something that's not going to interfere with your mag changes, your vision, or your movement. While winning the best costume would be cool, I'd rather place first for the match!

I'm thinking maybe I'd be a mummy wrapped up with that brown Halloween fabric they sell, and my wife could be that Egyptian girl the mummy got in trouble with on the original movie "The Mummy".

Time is running out, and I need to start working on this ASAP! Why oh why is IPSC so hard this time of year ...
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