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I'm not a Great Depression baby, but I was around my great aunts and grand parents a lot when growing up, so I have tendencies to "stock up" when I can. What I currently do is shoot for the following quantities, and restock when I hit half this number:
  • bulk ammo
    • several thousand good quality .22 rounds (CCI AR Tactical preferred)
    • a couple thousand 9mm (AE or Fiocchi preferred)
    • around a thousand 7.62x39 for the AK (noncorrosive)
    • around a thousand .223 / 5.56 for the AR (brass, not steel)
    • a couple hundred 12 gauge buckshot
    • a couple hundred 20 gauge buckshot
    • a few hundred .38 and .357
  • precision ammo
    • a thousand match quality .22, Fiocchi preferred
    • 500 or so SD rounds for 9mm, like Rem Golden Sabre
    • a hundred or so SD rounds for .357 or .38
    • several hundred match grade .308
    • several hundred match grade .223
  • supplies
    • not too worried about reloading supplies; that's getting into more of a strategic concern than anything short term
    • solvents and lubricants - one container in use, one spare
    • minimum of 3 mags per semi-auto firearm, 5 preferred
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I bought a bunch of 45 not long ago and the kid sold me a couple boxes of 45 LC by mistake. So now I need to go buy a gun to shoot it ...
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