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I bet that was scary....I would have screamed like a banshee before I could think of what to do.
Oh, I screamed alright- "like a little girl", according to my hunting buddy, who was set up about 10 yards behind me and facing the direction the cat came in from. He saw the cat when it was sneaking in, and was under the impression I had seen it, too ........ I had not. I turned the shotgun and screamed....... and tried to scoot back away from the cat, but there was this really big honey locust tree I was leaning up against, and it wasn't budgin', for some reason ....... so I my legs kept churning, and my right shoulderand elbow kind of slid up the tree trunk a foot or so..... and I went from screaming to hollering speculations about uncertain parentage of one 35 lb bobcat...... who hissed at me and dissapeared into the trees like smoke on a breeze....... meanwhile, I became aware of the hysterical laughter of my buddy, who had dropped his shotgun, fallen over sideways, rolled onto his belly and was slapping the ground and howling with laughter..... it took him a good minute or two to wheeze out, between fits of laughter, "Oh! Hawhawhaw! Man!HEEEEHEEEEE EEE........ IHEEEHEEEHAWWW...... I thoughtHEEEEHEEEE........ UH, HEEEE.....I ...... thought youHEEEEHEEEHAWWWOH BOY! ....thought you seeHEEEEHEEEEHAWWWHAHA...... seen'emBWAHAHAHAHA...... comin! Screamin' Like a HEEEEHHEEEEEEHHEEEE little GIRL! Oh boy! I GOTTA PEE! (Doing the Gottagopee dance while he throws down his gloves and tries to get his business out of his coveralls, still cacklin' like a madman..... when we related the story to F. L. Nicholson (Col. Jeff Cooper's "Man in Nebraska") over coffee later that morning, she liked it so much she related it to the Col. in a letter..... he made mention of it in his "Cooper's Commentaries" ..... though in a much abreviated version..... Vol. 8, No. 7, (July 2000), towards the bottom of the page, online.
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