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I do not build a rifle until I have located the dies, sometimes that requires a lot of digging at gun shows, there are times I purchase dies for chambers I do not have a barrel or reamer for. I purchased a set of ‘G’ dies for 8mm338 Winchester Mag for half price, before purchasing the barrels I had determined I could modify two sets of dies to form, size and seat bullets, both sets cost me a total of $15.00.

Time as a factor? I have no infatuation with neck sizer dies, I use the versatile full length sizer die, a cylinder with tapered sides is a cone, a cone has varying diameters, when sizing a case the head of the case can be raised off the shell holder from .001 to .011 thousands when using an RCBS shell holder, raising the case off the shell holder reduces the length of the case from the head of the case to it’s shoulder, again, time is a factor, the difference between neck sizing and full length sizing is time.

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